Flooristics, Founded by Rob McNealy, Conducts Walkway Audits

Rob McNealy, Walkway Auditor and OSHA “Qualified Individual”

Sometimes people fall.

Falls can be deadly.  In fact, some reports have cited that up to 15% of all accidental deaths are caused by slip, trip,  and fall accidents.  Over 540,000 slip-fall injuries requiring hospital care occur in North America each year, accounting for over 300,000 disabling injuries.

Slips, trips, and falls cost $80 billion in medical and litigation costs every year in the United States (Source: National Floor Safety Institute.)  That is around $2,500 per second in total costs.  Most slip, trip, and fall incidents occur in commercial retail stores and the most common victims are women over 60.

The real travesty is that most slip, trip, and fall accidents are completely preventable.  Sadly, many people and businesses only seem to consider the economic impacts and not the impacts of the injuries that slip, trip and fall victims suffer, often times for the rest of their lives.

Why hire a walkway auditor?

Auditing your floors and walkways make sense for the following reasons:

  • Auditing promotes safety by identifying problem areas before incidents occur – you can’t correct a problem you don’t know about.
  • Walkway audits can reduce customer and workers compensation claims.
  • We are certified in the latest walkway safety safety standard by ANSI/NFSI B101.1-2009.
  • Walkway auditing can reduce insurance rates.

Who do we conduct certified walkway audits for?

Flooristics works for business owners, contractors, homeowners, manufacturers, attorneys, engineering firms and property management companies.

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